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Youtube Red

October 25, 2015

Back in my previous arrrghasm ranting about fragmentation I was highly annoyed with the ‘death by a thousand little cuts’ that most companies employ these days. Now we get Youtube Red…because of course we did. Now, if you want exclusive content and ad-free content on youtube you have to pay $10/month. That’s brilliant. Really brilliant. I have no problem with this in theory because it would’ve been the next logical step for them a few years ago, but now I feel that ship has sailed. Unless you make every user sign up for this service then your free model’s going to overtake the paid model because it’s just more user friendly and what people are used to.

I honestly hope they don’t go that route of making people sign up to get through the paywall, but I have a feeling they will eventually. I say this would’ve made sense to do years ago because it’s true. They were The website that offered user generated content and gave them money for it and such. But now…now you have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, Dailymotion, Crackle, HBO Go and HBO Now, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, etc. etc. And they’re all very good at what they do. Now comes Youtube (owned by Google) trying to be more like a tv channel or some such. It’s just…all too much.

There was a reason why the video game market crashed in 1983: over-saturation. And while I don’t think we’re at that point yet, I do think that Youtube Red Hub–which will be mistaken for Redtube or Pornhub–isn’t really adding anything that I can’t get elsewhere. I’m going to pay you for amateur content? Really? But exxxxcluuuusives…which they’re incredibly vague about.

I’m just waiting for a service that ties all of this bullshit together at a reasonable price and takes my money out in one lump sum. I know that seems idiotic since the withdrawals are automatic, but I just got a new card recently..with a chip! And with that new card I got a new expiration date. Soo…I have to go to each website, remember what password I used for that site, get the ‘forgot password’ email, click the link, change my password, now update it on each site I go to.

On the level of difficulty it’s not…I dunno…a North Korean labor camp, but it is highly annoying to do that every few years or every so often. So one service that takes care of that shit would be super. I also find it funny that this service has caused such an uproar. It’s almost as if nobody wanted this piece of shit. So good job, Google, I can see why you took that ‘do no evil’ clause out of your business practices.

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