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Do Fascists Dream Of Electric Goblins

November 27, 2015

This post will contain offensive language. Anyone who is sensitive to this sort of language should probably stop reading here. Turn back noooowwww!

“Every man is a king so long as he has someone to look down on.”
― Sinclair Lewis, It Can’t Happen Here

I want to discuss politics. Specifically the election nomination process that’s going on in my country right now because I think it’s really worrying. You have Donald Trump and Ben Carson spouting off these ridiculous ideas like ID badges for Muslims and secret police. Yes, Ben Carson did suggest a secret police program to spy on government workers. That’s nothing. Marco Rubio, a man who’s generally seen a ‘sane’ has touted that god’s laws trump ruling by the supreme court and thus we need to legislate laws against things like gay marriage and abortion.

Now, normally I could give a shit about Republicans and who they choose, but erhm…no. These people are terrifying in the depths to which they would stoop to ‘keep America secure’ or ‘Bring back America to the Lord’. I wouldn’t worry so much about the craziness that’s proposed if I weren’t certain that they were serious about it. know…their idiotic base cheers this shit on.

Yeah, between Trump’s audience beating up that BLM protester and the general xenophobia on display in every news story about these fuckers, I can only conclude that these people are fascists. And I don’t mean the kind of ‘fascist’ that you call your parents when you’re 16 and have just learned the word. No, these people believe in their rhetoric and that should scare everyone.

They’re trotting out 70 year old ideas as if they’re new. No, those were tried on Jews and we look how well that went. Not to mention I’m pretty sure that if Trump or Carson were elected that they would go after intellectuals in this country because, “Hey, dey’re losahs! I dunt tolerate losahs!” Not to mention their economic and environmental policies would burn up the Earth a lot quicker and sooner than is happening already.

I read a poignant a few days ago and it was, “I wonder if this is what the average German that didn’t buy into Hitler’s lunacy felt like in the 1930’s.” And I’m pretty sure it is. The problem with Trump is that he’s so shameless and blatant in his lies that even when called on them he blames someone else or just doubles down on them. So you can’t really make a dent on someone so incapable of feeling shame. And his supporters are the worst. They’d cheer him on even if he stood up on stage and said, “Let’s burn all the Muslims and Mexicans.”

And the problem with this is that it’s insanely popular among a largely white part of this population that’s pants-shittingly scared of change and the boogeyman. From the quotes I’ve read from his supporters it’s very likely that they have images of ISIS dancing in their head. Crossing from our southern border and trying to kill them! Because that’s what ISIS does! They infiltrate and kill! Actually, no, what ISIS does is attack soft targets and allows you to destroy yourself through your fear because you know…that’s what terrorism is. Hence the TERROR part of TERRORism.


intense, sharp, overmastering fear:

to be frantic with terror.


an instance or cause of intense fear or anxiety; quality of causingterror:

to be a terror to evildoers.


any period of frightful violence or bloodshed likened to the Reign ofTerror in France.


violence or threats of violence used for intimidation or coercion;terrorism.


Informal. a person or thing that is especially annoying or unpleasant.

You’re supposed to be afraid. You’re supposed to do things you normally wouldn’t do. And while, yeah, they can cause a lot of damage in a short burst…’ehh…how often are their attacks successful? But mostly it’s the idea that they could attack at any time that separates successful terrorists from every other attack. Serial killers, if you applied it broadly, are terrorists. But what bugs me is that there are many more successful terrorist strikes in the US by US citizens than ISIS can ever conjure on their best day.

Yeah, you knew I’d go here: mass shooters. They’re terrorists. In fact, I’d say they’re the bigger threat to these idiots’ safety than someone in the Middle East. Sorry, ISIS, but no one terrorizes Americans better than other Americans. You want proof? Just look at how readily Trump supporters would sell Muslim Americans down the river. Or Mexican immigrants or hell, even Mexican Americans that are here legally.

That’s the real poison of Trump. It’s not that, “he says other things that people are afraid to say,” it’s that he’s a racist and apparently he’s very successful at selling racism to your average American. Sorry, Average white American. For proof of this let’s go over a little scenario:

Pretend you’re an HR rep. at a successful company and you’re looking for a new CFO. You’re approached by a man who’s immaculately dressed, has a nice haircut, and says all the right things. Now, in the middle of the interview you ask him, “How would you make our company grow?”

He looks at you, a thoughtful look on his face and then says, “I think the simplest solution here would be to get rid of all of the sand niggers and wetbacks. They’re holding us back.”

Would you hire him after that? If you would, then you’re probably going to be a Trump supporter. But if not, then you see the essence of Trump. He’s a racist, but he couches it in such a way that it doesn’t seem racist; it almost seems rational. Why get rid of illegal immigrants? Because they’re murderers and rapists. Why would you get rid of Muslims? Because ISIS is the biggest threat to the United States.

He’s couching it in fear for your life, fear for your job security, and the real tragedy here is that people are buying this shit up. You could chalk this up to garden variety racism, but it’s not. This is the gasp of the disenfranchised white people that are constantly told that they have white privilege but they’re poor and haven’t had many opportunities for advancement in life and they feel powerless. So a candidate comes along and ‘tells it like it is’ and let’s them know who is really to blame for their troubles: Muslims and Mexicans.  And if you get a Muslim Mexican then HOLY SHIT! DEFCON 1, bitches!

The connection is never made that the very same people who make them feel powerless are the same ones that tell them where the ‘real’ fault lies. Disregarding the fact that only CEO’s can take their jobs away and ship them off to Asia or India. So blame the asshole CEO that thought you were redundant. Or didn’t feel like you were worth paying very much–they’re the real villain in this story.

People like Trump that gamble their way to their fortunes by displacing their workers every time a project goes under. Or they hunt for cheaper labor. So yeah, the guy telling you to fear Muslims and Mexicans is the same guy selling you down the river. But the magic of Trump–and the reason for my quote at the beginning–is that he makes the average disenfranchised white people feel like a king. He gives them a group of people to blame their faults on to. To make them feel like royalty because you should be ruling over Muslims or Mexicans. They’re your serfs!

That’s why I’m concerned over a Trump presidency and why I’m really hoping he’s defeated before he can do any lasting damage. People wonder why I don’t watch horror anymore, this is why, because there’s no horror in fiction that can compare to the genuine horror of our every day existence.

So this election, be not afraid of your neighbor. Whether they’re foreign to you or not. Chances are they’re not aiming to kill you. And remember: in the end this is what groups like ISIS and Republicans want. They want you terrified and not acting rationally. It’s what keeps them alive and keeps racism from going away. And yes, Trump, Carson, Cruz, and Rubio are all playing you against your fears. I also know this isn’t as even-handed as it should be. But when you stack these people up against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or hell, even Martin O’Malley, they’re your only true choices to lead this country.

And no, if I had a choice I would definitely not want to vote for Hillary at all. I think she’s too much of a Wall Street supporter to be trusted. But when you’re stacked against the Republican frontrunners, then she suddenly looks more attractive as a president. Sorry, your party’s just screwing itself with every passing day.

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