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I get no respect

December 2, 2015

I think I have an inkling of what the late, great Rodney Dangerfield was talking about when he said he didn’t get any respect.  Maybe it’s something in my personality, how I look, or how I act.  But I don’t seem to be doing something to obtain the respect I feel like I need and deserve.  Is it cosmic, or some kind of destiny that people don’t respect me?  I realize that in most cases respect is earned but, hell, I can’t even get people to respect the simplest of my opinions.  For instance, I recently had a conversation with my fiancé, and told her I don’t like the way a length 32 pant fits my leg.  I said to her “I think a 34 length fits better.”

It rides too high when I sit down.  My socks can be seen, as can part of my ankle.  So, instead of treating me as I feel most people should, she makes a joke out of it and proceeds to tell me how a size 34 doesn’t look right.  She thinks that a size 32 fits better.  She tells me that her ankles stick out when she sits down too.  Now, I completely understand this from both points of view, but it’s a preference.  I tell you ‘I don’t like length 32’, you say ‘Ok, I won’t buy you any more length 32 pants’ and that’s the end of it.  But no, there’s has to be conjecture.  You can’t just respect what I’ve just said and move on.

This type of disrespect follows through into other facets of conversation.  I don’t know, again maybe it’s me, but I don’t feel like if somebody respects what you’re saying that they argue with you on something this small.  People look at me like I have 2 heads if I tell them I don’t like spaghetti, or some other kind of food.  “Whaaaaat?” they say, in that condescending ‘I can’t believe you don’t like that’ kind of way.  Like when somebody disagrees with music you don’t like.

Speaking of which, I also get no respect when it comes to that. I like SOME Nickelback songs, so fucking sue me.  I have a personal preference.  I don’t see how that affects you in any way.  You have every right to disagree with that preference, but don’t act like I’m some kind of asshole just because I hold a different opinion.  And this isn’t just my fiancé that does this kind of shit, even my parents and family members do it.

So I ask, what exactly is it that you need to do to get some respect on this planet?

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  1. December 2, 2015 10:24 am

    You have to be more assertive and stand your ground a bit more. Or just do what I do: don’t drop the issue until the person admits defeat. Sure, they’ll hate you, but they’ll know not to treat you as if you’re not serious after that.

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