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Thoughts And Prayers

December 6, 2015

There’s an epidemic sweeping the nation. People are suddenly dying under mysterious circumstances. Experts claim that it’s the willpower of the individual who hates them just that much that people are dropping dead! Politicians claim it’s the gun they were using at the time to kill another individual or themselves, but the NRA assures us that the guns aren’t responsible for the deaths; it is in fact people! People are killing other people with unknown means and unknown malice! Can we stop this epidemic of people on people violence?! Can we fix this situation on time?! Can I get my PB+J sandwich made my way?! Tune in next time!

Yeah, it sounded just as stupid to me, too. I want to talk about the issue sweeping the nation. Gun. Violence. More specifically our dead-eyed reaction to it. Now, I hate guns. In fact, I’d argue anyone that uses them, carries them around with them at all times, and just has one is a pussy. Okay? You can check your fucking ‘man card’ at the door. To me, you’ve told me all that I need to know about you: “I am a scared little pussy who thinks the world is out to get me and I cannot face it because I constantly wet myself in fear.” The real irony of this is that I have anxiety, I have fears, so a gun would be the logical solution for me except that it’s not. That’s how I see you unless you have a valid reason otherwise like you’re a cop or in the military.

But! Regardless of it, I don’t care if you own one. It affects me not one iota. Where it does affect me is how easy it is to obtain one without any background checks or reasonable hurdles into getting one. And preventing the rest of us from having safeguards that would prevent assholes from killing people en masse. The problem comes from the NRA, mainly, they keep anyone from having any sensible regulation because they’re the lobbying arm for firearm manufacturers and that would cut into profits. The thing is that people like me and gun owners are okay with regulations on firearms. No, I’m not coming to take your gun, I just don’t care. Ideally yeah, guns being outlawed would be great, however, that’s not likely for a very long time and I’m fine with ownership but with regulation and education, but it’s stifled every time by politicians (i.e. Republicans) who are just fine with us killing ourselves. And why not? They don’t have to deal with it.  It’s also stifled by people who think that ‘stigginit to liberals’ is a sound voting strategy. Just ask that fucking moron in Kentucky who voted for a Republican governor just because they’re a Republican despite the fact that he ran on a platform of taking away their medicaid.

But this is all tangential to my point: if you offer your thoughts and prayers while at the same time refusing to vote out any or continuing to vote for any of these scumbags, then you are part of the problem. I take no issue what you do in private, but if that’s the extent of your outrage then you have blood on your hands. The NRA has rivers of blood on their hands, and Republicans definitely leave a trail of blood wherever they go.

And you may be saying to yourself, “But I’ve never killed anyone!” You’re right, but your actions have indirectly led us to the situation we now find ourselves. Where there’s a mass shooting, you and the politicians you support offer your half-hearted ‘thoughts and prayers’, the public and Democrats call for action, and then nothing changes. We continue having mass killings and so it goes on and on like some fucked up game of Duck, Duck, Goose.

Thoughts and prayers do nothing to solve this issue, if they were working then this shit wouldn’t be accelerating. We wouldn’t have over 350 deaths from mass shootings and countless deaths from suicide. That’s the other thing here: with a gun in the home you are more likely to succeed in killing yourself if you’re feeling suicidal. Fact. It’s even worse than the mass shooting craze because you never truly hear about it unless the suicide is exceptionally violent. That’s a good chunk of this gun epidemic and fucking depressing to me that we can’t do shit. But oh ho! If I offer my thoughts and prayers, maybe the genie will grant my wish and end the violence.

Or…you know…I could get fed up about it and vote against these assholes. That might do the trick. Look, a politician will not respond to your threats of violence, your outrage, your name-calling, or even your thoughts and prayers, but they do fear votes. They do fear that you won’t vote for them any longer. Your financial threats are useless now, too. Maybe in the past that worked, but not now what with lobbyists and PAC’s feeding them the money. But you can vote against them.

And I’m not even particularly interested in who you vote for. You could vote for Bobo the Wonder Gorilla if it’ll kick these people out of office. But if you don’t vote or if you continue to support the Ted Cruzs, Wayne La Pierres, and Donald Trumps of this world then the next massacre is on you. You may not have pulled the trigger so from your perspective you’ve done nothing wrong, but you have. You’ve allowed this climate of fear to linger on, you’ve allowed our politicians to get away with half-hearted platitudes about how their thoughts and prayers are with the victim. So yes, you didn’t pull the trigger, but you certainly allowed it to continue. Hopefully the damage isn’t too bad the next time. But I will not sit idly by anymore as my country is destroyed by inaction and special interest groups more interested in making a buck than helping their fellow citizens. That much I do know.

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