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The I Don’t Know What To Write Post

January 7, 2016

I really don’t what to write. It’s why my output has been scant but it has been long. I have these swirling thoughts about everything I’d like to write about, but then I don’t write them. Either I think they’re too offensive or not meaty enough. So! With that in mind, here are a few:

I no longer identify as progressive:

I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t keep up the pretense that I don’t think there’s something wrong with the progressive movement. From trigger warnings to identity politics, I just can’t keep up with the numerous flaws in progressive thinking. Anyone that claims to want progress and follows anything to do with the current crop of ‘progressives’ should really start thinking about your values and if you value your individuality then you should definitely steer clear of these types. I knew of a guy–a white guy, that actually said he would let looters loot his home during a riot just to see what they would take…

WAT?! Seriously, being progressive is a pretty shitty proposition these days. And if you think this is a contradiction to identify as a progressive and be against groups. Well, I identified my politics as progressive. The real tragedy here is that they’re as fascist as many right wingers. I still see myself as left wing, but fuck…not the crazy sort.

Identity politics: 

I have a lot to say about identity politics  and maybe I’ll write more on this later but in short, I agree with the people that think it’s a cancer on western civilization. See, the idea is to liberate you and to embrace your unique identity, but in actuality it’s as stifling as any other sort of politics in that it claims to give you an identity, but it bases your identity on characteristics beyond your control. You’re no longer Jamal the biochemist that happens to be black. No, you’re black Jamal who happens to be a biochemist because that’s your unique ‘identity’. Oh, and let’s not be sexist here. You know Susan the engineer who’s a woman? Nope. She’s a woman that happens to be an engineer. Woo! It’s tribal politics…EVOLVED! Really, if you think your identity can be distilled into your race,  your sex, or any other ‘identity’ you’re sorely mistaken. It’s just as racist and restrictive as anything else.

If I were more conspiratorial minded I would swear that some wealthy types got together and planned this type of thing because it’s great at dividing people along racial, cultural, and gender lines. Best to focus on economics. At least those are tangible things that mean something to everyone. Not everyone can be a black, albino, gender-fluid little person. However, everyone can relate to not being able to make ends meet. Well, unless you’re a jackhole with a lot of money.

Another aspect of it is using ‘white privilege’ and ‘straight white male’ as a pejorative to shutdown disagreement or as a response to everything. “Oh my mother died last night in a horrible car wreck.
“Shit, you’re just a straight white male. Your problems don’t compare to mine,” and so on. Nothing that extreme, but it takes an extreme like that to show the absurdities of it. I’m not saying that there isn’t a bias. I’m just saying the bias for white people and white males isn’t as strong as you think these days. Maybe in the past. But it’s more like economic privilege these days as opposed to anything to do with race.

Race is also a made up construct used to divide people into their little groups. It’s a tribal leftover from when everyone was dealing with another tribe. You could use it against the dreaded other! Just look at Rome. They were as race blind as they came. There were even a few black emperors. So I can only conclude that it’s a made up distinction that we’re too stupid or too unable to get rid of. You know humanity and its circle jerks.

So your race isn’t your identity and your gender is not your identity, and your interests are not your identity. No, what you do with your life is your identity. I’ve been preaching on this for awhile now, but it’s true. If you are a shithead to your family and friends then that’s your identity. Do not let external factors or factors beyond your control define you in the way that identity politics does. That way leads to madness.


I saw this post on Mental Floss, I believe, about the Washington Post now using ‘they’ when describing people out of respect for people’s gender identity. I find this the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. And to back up their case they used the bible, because when you want a proper English lesson you turn to a poorly translated Latin piece of literature that was decided in committee. Brilliant.

I have no problem if you identify as something other than the sex you were born with. But ‘he’ and ‘she’ aren’t really gender identities but labels on your sex. They’re essentially neutral pronouns and whenever someone calls you by them they’re not giving you a gender identity that conforms with ‘society’s’ standards. No, you looked male therefore male pronoun. You looked female, therefore female pronoun. It’s not cause for the ACLU, they’re not doing it to be malicious. And saying, “Is they here?” Is fucking stupid. It doesn’t even flow properly.

I look at being a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’ as a gender starter pack. It’s not meant to define you; it’s just meant to be there to give you a guidepost. But some people take these things too seriously. And I don’t think you’re supposed to keep the initial starter pack and make it a causus belli for every goddamn thing in your life.

So, I’m going to continue referring to people by their male or female pronoun. Not because I’m intentionally being an asshole, but because it’s the most neutral thing I could do in terms of identifying people without sounding like an illiterate fecking moron.

Hoo! That felt good. And it was longer than I thought it’d be. And please: you may not agree with me, but I’m entitled to my thoughts. Also: I’m as left wing as they come. I’ll never be a conservative despite how this post sounds. I’m just not going along with what I see as foolishly irresponsible.

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