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GoFundMe…The Horrifying Sequel

January 21, 2016

I don’t know how many of you out there care, but it seems through a load of miscommunication with my school that I now owe $1,541 and I can’t pay it. For real, my anxiety prevents me from finding gainful employment at the moment and I was going to college using tuition waivers because I’m legally disabled due to my physical disability aaaand…yeah, this fucking sucks. I also normally wouldn’t ask anyone for money because I hate it. I hate doing it. Every time I’ve asked for money has involved in some disagreement or another so I just don’t do it.

However, this is a pretty extraordinary circumstance and this needs to be paid in order for me to continue my education. So! I hope anyone reading this web log can find it in their heart to donate. I’m not asking you for the world, if you can only pitch in a dollar, that’s fine. Every little bit will go toward paying this stupid tuition kerfuffle. I would greatly appreciate it and I can’t offer much than my eternal gratitude.


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