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February 7, 2016

I had an interview this past Friday and I’ve come to find out that I’ve been rejected. He liked me and my personality, but thought the other candidate’s portfolio was deeper and they were more ready to go. I have to admit looking back that, yeah, my portfolio probably wasn’t as deep as he needed. He sent me a really nice and positive rejection letter and if you’re going to be rejected then there’s no nicer way to do it. He even gave me some advice for the future and encouragement to keep going.

I really do appreciate it and I learned some from this experience in rejection. I need to update my portfolio a bit more, I need to learn a bit more and to get better at my craft. So! I’m going to keep pushing, keep fighting for what I want and keep learning new things about myself and about how to sell myself. I have also begun the process of creating a portfolio web log. If you want to check it out go here, don’t expect too much or anything new at the moment because I’m still figuring out what to showcase. I also reveal my real name there. Ooooh! Scandalous! But hopefully you’ll join me and take a gander at my work.

Until later.

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