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I’m Walkin’

February 26, 2016

One thing about walking in winter that I highly don’t recommend: wearing shorts. Oh, you may be thinking, “But FIDo, what idiot wears shorts in the winter?” I’ll tell you: this idiot. We both had planned a walk all week and I thought, “The weather can’t possibly be that bad,” but as the week dragged on and the weather shifted from the sky pissing down on all of us to just warm cold (windchill, yay!) I began to lose my nerve just a little. I honestly considered cancelling yesterday when I heard the wind howling crazily, which I would’ve done at my own peril since…yeah… we had a really great time despite the weather.

However, if you’re gonna walk: I do not recommend the shorts. See, either because of my weight or just because of who I am, I retain heat easily. I normally wear shorts in the winter as a result, but my thinking goes, “You’re going to be shuffling from building to building so a little discomfort is acceptable for long term comfort inside.” I wish I’d listened to myself just now because from the time we were walking until about midnight last night, my legs did not get warm at all.

On the plus side, I did have a walk with her and she’s great. Very understanding and just all around amazing to be with–even when freezing my ass off and risking potential hypothermia. Also on the big plus side: she has been right about the walk as yesterday we were able to get two laps in and I didn’t have too much difficulty with the path. I can’t say that about Sunday when we first did it and I was practically on the verge of collapse. So yay! Good times. And this is still under 300 words. I feel I’m slacking.

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