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Print Solidarity Month

February 26, 2016

Okay. This is a bit stupid, but since I’m a big print guy and I find the notion that, “Print is dead,” fucking bullshit. Not necessarily because it isn’t dying or at least shrinking but because of the disdain dripping from that statement leaves me cold. As if, “Oh print? What a pleb!” I love technology and all that it can do, but it doesn’t hold a candle to print. Why? Well, as I discussed in a previous entry: digital stuff really is temporary and can be edited on a whim and sometimes with malicious intent. Hell, half of the entries this web log are highly edited. Nothing big and I hardly ever have to strip out content except…you know…accidentally using real names, but other than that I pride myself on just putting my thoughts out and letting them fall where they may.

Sometimes I’ve been more successful than others with regards to this because in the background I have lost friends due to some entries here much to my chagrin. Mostly due to their own interpretation of what I wrote being skewed to their own biases and thinking the worst of me. But tangent aside: You can edit the fuck out of any sort of digital entry anywhere if you’re committed enough and/or they allow editing.

And while I make great use of this for just cleaning up rough edges, it’s not this way for everyone and you begin to question what the whole idea of ‘truth’ is. Is the truth a gut feeling or what actually happened?  In the digital world it’s really hard to tell. There’ve been whole news stories that just up and disappear for seemingly no rhyme or reason.

I feel that’s a dangerous precedent as it has the capacity to jade your audience even if you have a stellar reputation, it can easily turn ugly given the wrong edit or content stripping. So, what am I going to do with print solidarity month? I will do my due diligence and give a rundown each day of something involving print that interests me or that I think people will find interesting. Also, any web log entries I make will not be edited at all. This will include typos, grammatical errors, non-sequiturs,  etc.

If you’ve ever spoken to me at all you know how much I do not like making typos of my own. I’m fine with everyone else making them, but for my own personal preference I usually correct myself. Soo…this is going to be tough. I’m also sick of seeing my spotty entry record on here. It annoys the hell out of me and I’m trying to be a better web logger. Even if it’s just a stupid little entry, I will be making it. So!

A whole month full of print stuff and typos. Can’t wait! Actually, yes I can, because it frickin’ terrifies me. I also worry this sounds stupid. Or like it’s not a real issue, but it is real, though. Our information is currently in the least tangible state it’s ever been in in the whole of human history. Think about that. If our civilization ended tomorrow there would be vast information gaps. And while that may be okay to some it’s…kinda…really scary when you think about it. So, raising awareness of this issue or at least showing people why it might not be a great idea to digitize every damn thing.

So let me know if you like this idea, find it stupid, or anything in-between.

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