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Superty Duper Tuesday

March 2, 2016

So…this is it, folks? The best we could do? A contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Good god, I weep for this nation. Sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t go all demagogue but this shit’s bananas. I will say this now: Anyone that votes for Clinton because Trump is her opponent is a goddamn fool. Why? Because I have already lived through an election where we voted for the person we hated the least and I don’t see ‘former President’ in any of John Kerry’s titles. Just the very idea that you could and would vote that way is mind-boggling. Also mind-boggling is underestimating Trump, because you see Trump may generally be an idiot and a huckster, but he’s no fool and he doesn’t give a shit what you say about him.

When I look at Donald Trump I’m reminded of Kyle Reese’s spiel in The Terminator: ” Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.” It’s kinda scary how accurate it is. Even the ‘until you are dead’ line. He’s bad for this country, but maybe he’s what we deserve for 30 years of complacency and the gradual chipping away of every protection we’ve won.

We deserve social security to be dissolved and for unions to be swept away and OSHA to go away and the EPA to be dismantled and ultimately NASA to be done away. Abortion made illegal and Planned Parenthood outlawed And if you think I’m using hyperbole…well, I am, but do you honestly think a Trump presidency will be friendly to any of those agencies or policies? This man’s a businessman–and a shitty one at that–so he’d get rid of them in hopes of bringing about the conservative paradise.

I’m not saying Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would be any better, but they are politicians and at least are smart enough to deal when facts aren’t on their side. I don’t get that from Trump and I never will. He has no principles with which to stand by and the only person he gives a shit about is himself and his brand. So the people who cheer on Trump to win thinking that Hillary will wallop him in the general election probably haven’t thought out their cunning plan enough becaaause….

Hillary is a shitty campaigner. Also a war hawk and center-right social politician. Unless you have a vagina, then she’s a-okay with giving you whatever you want, but seriously…she’s shit. The only reason she’s winning is because of name recognition and, “She’ll break the glass ceiling!” Which is stupid, because if you broke a glass ceiling there would be shards of glass everywhere and would jab her in the skull..actually, yes, Hillary, break that glass ceiling. But Hillary will be only marginally better than Trump in social areas but we’re still likely to get a war some time soon because she’s just as thirsty for one as Republicans are.

She’s also just as much of a corporatist as Trump and will make damn sure Wall St. gets its money from the less well off. Don’t believe me? Her pet weasel that’s the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is trying to disarm the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Yes. She’s actually joining Republicans in helping to do that. What are they against? Regulating payday loans which are a financial trap for poor people (link), John Oliver perfectly lays out why these payday loans are bullshit and a trap. But yet, DWS wants to join Republicans in helping to get rid of regulation on them.

I guess the checks finally cleared. But DWS is a Clinton supporter and this is emblematic of how Hillary would run things. Not so much that she would take a particular position, but she would follow her idols and outsource her awfulness. And while she’s nominally a liberal or progressive, it’s only nominal. Her big thing is that she’s a woman. She loves mentioning that she’s a woman, that as a woman knows this or that because a vagina apparently contains knowledge of the Ancients. So people support her thinking it’ll be a ‘bold progressive move’ but it’s incredibly naive to vote for someone because of their sex also incredibly sexist.

I guess this is it, America, the tipping point where the damage is going to be complete and thorough. We have to choose between two repugnant candidates and hope that they don’t cause a nuclear war within 4 years. Christ, this is going to be a scary time. Can we just discover interstellar travel and leave here yet? Sad thing is I don’t see Clinton winning against Trump because she’s so near universally hated by everyone not a Democrat. See, Trump banks on being entertaining and Hillary’s as entertaining as a puddle of water. She’s also shit at campaigning, too. Don’t let her wins fool you: she’s falling ass backward into this nomination because of her name and people think she’s a strong candidate?

I get the first bit, but not the second. She’s not that strong of a candidate and she can’t empathize for shit and when she tries to, you can almost hear the gears whirring in protest, “Must…mimic..hooman…emotions.” So you get this Stepford Wife kind of smile that is really fake and inauthentic and turns everyone off. So, no, I don’t believe she can beat Trump easily or as thoroughly as people think. And if you treat Trump as a joke, then you’re obviously not paying attention.


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