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Ghostbusters And A Gay Luke Skywalker

March 16, 2016

I’ve had time to digest these two things mentally and first-up: Ghostbusters…god that thing looks horrible. I’ve seen a lot of comments on it already and I agree with the vast majority that dislike it. I made an entry about it here before on my web log and I stand by it: the writers for this movie are terrible and the woman thing is a gimmick–that’s not to say that gimmicks can’t work; it’s just that this particular gimmick is cheap. And the writers made it into a straight comedy if the trailer is to be believed.

The thing about the original one was that it was kind of a horror movie that happened to have some comedy in it. Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman also knew how to do humor cleverly. Paul Feig? I love the guy’s work on Freaks And Geeks, but he can’t do subtle to save his life, which makes me think that Freaks And Geeks owed more to Judd Apatow and the other writers and less to his doing. This is Stanley from Ski Patrol lest anyone forget.

So that’s kind of annoying. I don’t have a problem per se with an all-female Ghostbusters, but just not these women or these writers and director. It’s horrible. And I love slapstick. Give me good slapstick and I’m happy, but this isn’t good. Or at least the trailer sooo did not sell me on that bullshit. My other issue is that they make too many references to the other movies within them. Now, if your movie is good then that’s not necessarily a problem, but this doesn’t look like it’s going to be a good movie and as Brad Jones always says, “Don’t remind me of a better movie within your shitty movie.” And it’s true.

I’d love to be proven wrong, however. Though that trailer was monkey spunk smeared across the wall.

Next topic is Luke Skywalker being gay. Yeah, probably going to get some flak for this, but really? So the person that wondered this has never seen the original movies or read the EU which Disney wiped its Mickey Mouse ass on. That’s fine. Your personal canon is your personal canon. If you want to think that Mara Jade was Luke’s beard, then have it. My problem with this is that I don’t really care where Luke likes to stick his thing nor have I ever really wondered. It only became a tertiary concept to me because of his marriage to Mara Jade and his son, otherwise I’d never ponder it.

I don’t really care about the love lives of fictional characters. I know rule 34 exists for a reason, but it’s a shitty reason. I’m also tired of fandoms being dragged onto the culture wars to be more ‘inclusive’. That shouldn’t be the only reason a thing exists; no–the story should not be subservient to political concerns and things like Luke Skywalker maaaybe being gay and the all-female Ghostbusters seem to have put political concerns at the forefront. And I know, it’s not official canon that Luke is homosexual and it’s based off of Mark Hamill’s comments, but c’mon. He could’ve just as easily have said, “Doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t and it has no bearing on the story or his role in the story.”

The thing is that Kevin Smith actually made fun of people that wondered about the sex lives of comic book characters when he did Mallrats. I feel the same rule applies here: it’s kind of silly. I just find the notion that if a particular group is not included in a piece of fiction then it must be bad or the creators are just projecting their own biases or they’re against this group because they didn’t include it. Or if there’s a ‘questionable’ subplot in the movie then that must mean the writers hate this particular group. It’s all very asinine to me. I’m sure someone out there’s going, “lulz yu hve wyte mail priivledge’. But that’s not it. If I kept the same personality I have now with the same temperament I’d still find this just as facepalming.

It has nothing to do with one group getting preference over the other…I’m just sick of the politicization of the creative process and of pop culture in general. It’s as if the world’s turned into some sort of shitty zero sum game for some people and they need to ‘stigg’nit’ to their ideological ‘enemy’ when, in fact, creativity doesn’t work on it. I want to be creator eventually–hell, I already am a creator with this web log and such and I’d hate to wake up one day and find that due to my ‘insensitivity’ to the ‘safe space of others’ that I must censor myself or give some sort of apology for saying the things I do.

No, if someone doesn’t include a black person in their story it does not make them racist, or if they fail to make a strong enough female that they hate all women and see them as objects to be obtained, or if there’s not a homosexual character that they hate all gays. It just means they had a particular vision for a story and just didn’t include them for whatever reason. Oftentimes when you write you tend to focus on the story first and the other stuff is treated as window dressing. But I assure you that unless they get the seal of approval from some hate group, that an author or director of a movie does not personally hate you or your race or your gender or you sexual leanings or anything else about you.

Kevin Smith had another great line from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back: Jay took the comments of internet commentators personally and Ben Affleck had the line, “You know these are fictional characters, right? They’re not real. They’re not saying these things about you.” I think that applies to every group clamoring for a more ‘sensitive’ approach from creators: You do realize that authors, directors, producers, and casting directors are not saying bad things about you, right? These are fictional characters–not real.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on this inanity and hopefully someone out there actually reads it and I don’t wind up with so many comments saying I’m a homophobe or hate women. Buuuuut I won’t be surprised in either case.

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