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Vocally Vocal

May 12, 2016

I find the older I get the less hard music I can tolerate. Mostly I listen to orchestral stuff or lighter music. I was never a metal type person and anyone trying to foist that stuff on me can piss off. I just never found it too appealing and that’s fine. Some music is more accessible than others and that’s one for me. I also don’t like noisy music to be noisy just for the sake of itself. I’m also not a fan of grunge, either.

Yes…this is the post where I step on toes…lots of them! But yes…the older I get the more I just want to listen to music I know I’ll enjoy and this includes a lot of 90’s alternative, 80’s music, trance, acid jazz, classical, orchestra stuff, etc. Hell, I’ll even listen to some 90’s hip hop now. I also still have a love of classic rock, too, which I can thank my father for because he loved to listen to WQSR on his radio.

I just enjoy opening myself to different genres and finding out new stuff I’d enjoy. I can thank Spotify for that one as I do delve into different genres a lot on there. I never knew I’d like jazz, but I do. Or medieval music. Did you know there is actually a playlist of medieval styled music on there? There is and it’s great. Really puts you in the mood to farm shit and die of the black death. Okay. Not really.

When I was growing up I never really had much freedom musically. Why? Because my brother and friends were music nazis. Any deviation from whatever the hell they listened to was met with, “Why are you listening to that stuff? It sucks!” So best not to make any waves by being different because it’s hard to drown out that sort of bullshit when you listen to it. Now my musical tastes have completely changed and the stuff I could tolerate before is just…painful now.

That’s the fun part about being in your 30’s: you have enough time built up that you can look back at your past and see how ignorant you were of a lot and trying not to make the same mistakes or see how much your tastes have changed over time. Like right now I’m listening to Irish folk music and I’m not even Irish, but I find myself enjoying this style. I could’ve never pictured that a long time ago.

I think the past version of me would marvel at how much he’s changed and probably would embrace it as well because it’s not like I had a particular dislike for various forms of music, but I chaffed under the weight of peer pressure in the past. Always having to listen to bullshit because ‘it was so cooool’. Back then your taste in music was your identity. In fact, outside of being a boy or a girl, I think music was a huge part of your identity. Or at least it was then.

Who you liked or didn’t like said a lot about you. If you liked hip hop and were white, for instance, you were a white kid ‘acting black’, then. You  could never just like music. You had to be the musical genre you favored. And you were looked on derisively by the other groupings as a result. And that’s the kind of atmosphere I faced from my brother and my friends. It’s why for so long I hid the fact that I really didn’t like Metallica, Pearl Jam, or Nirvana. Sure, some of their songs I could veer into liking, but overall…’ehh…overrated musically.

I do remember a time when I was musically agnostic from around…4-8. I mostly just listened to country because my parents listened to country and I still do have a fondness for pre-Garth Brooks country. I feel Garth Brooks popified country music too much, but give me the older stuff and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy any other form of music. I know this is a trivial topic. Or…seemingly trivial, but music is a big chunk of our life.

What we listen to can inspire us to action, make us feel better after a bad day, bring us to tears, make us think, or just comment on the absurdity of life. So it’s not as trivial as it may seem. The ‘soundtrack of your life’ is a cliche, but it works. I know I always have a song going through my head most of the day. It says a lot about us and is good for setting a mood to. It’s how I’m able to write these ridiculously long posts about bullshit and it’s what gives me comfort.

I do believe there’s studies showing that it activates the pleasure receptors in your brain so there’s something to it. Anyway…hopefully this thing wasn’t too meandering or boring. I’m still shaking off my rust.

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