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Weighty Losty: I Return

May 12, 2016

I’ve been doing the weight loss thing for over a year now and…I gained 10lbs back. I weighed 333lbs and felt awful about the whole thing. I never got to my goal but I’m not going to take it too personally. It’s not a failure on my part, and if you think about it it is a huge success I’ve only gained back 10. I could’ve regained the whole weight and more, but managed to hold steady. So now I’m back to focusing on it and thanks to my girlfriend, she’s given me a reason to keep fighting for it. We’re competing to see who loses the most between me and her and her sister and maybe brother-in-law? I dunno. That point was iffy for me.

It’s going well on my end as I’m back down to 331.0 and we started this week. Which means more web log weight loss entries! Because this is my catharsis on those days where my mind treats shitty food like pornography and I go to bed feeling hungry. As for the weight gain…I quite literally do not have much to do during the winter except eat. I hate being out in the cold and I normally do not have anyone to do anything with, however, this year will be different–obviously.

I also think I have seasonal hypothyroidism because I’ve had it tested several times and always when it’s colder my TSH levels are higher than they usually are in the warmer months. Soo…yay! Fuck you, body! Plus the…not..having much to do but eat…you know…that never helps. I’m just gonna do what I always do when knocked down: get back up and keep fighting. It’s really how I’ve made it this far with everything.

I will be back in my 200’s before the end of the year. I will not take losses personally. And I most certainly will not give-up. That’s just crazy talk. I figure if I keep my goals where they were with an immediate goal, an intermediate goal, and a long-term goal that I should be fine. Long-term I’m shooting for my 190’s, my intermediate goal is still 299, but my immediate goal is 5lbs lost.

I figure those are good to keep me going for now. I’ll adjust accordingly when things change, but yeah…good times. I’ll keep updating about this more once a week. Or try to.

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