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I Need A Pool

May 20, 2016

Let’s switch gears here from something I despise to something I love. 

There aren’t many activities outside that I love, but being in a pool is definitely one of them. I never really glommed onto hiking, fishing, biking, or any of the others. Mostly because those require some sort of physical competence and/or I just find them boring. But I love swimming and have since I was a child. I remember being a fan of the aqua Centurion when I was a child. For those that don’t know: the Centurions was an 80’s cartoon characters that represented land, sea, and air (intro here). They had a toy line that was just awesome. My brother always chose the air one and I was a fan of the green Centurion who was master of the sea.

I also have a physical disability that limits what I can do. I can’t bike because it affects my balance, I can’t hike because my right leg twists every time I walk which leaves me with sore feet. Can’t do archery, I find fishing kinda…’ehh…not my favorite thing in the world, but swimming I could do fairly well. Last summer was the first time since…errr…uhh…1996 that I regularly went swimming and it felt amazing.

So, you can imagine my dismay when it’s the middle of May and we’re getting 59 (22) degrees this weekend. I really hate the up and down temperatures this time of year because it’s never entirely consistent from year to year because Maryland straddles the line between being north and being south. Which means that sometimes it’s warmer than at other times and sometimes it’s colder. This year it just happens to be cooler than it usually is. I believe by next midweek next week it’ll be in the 80’s.

Thus I look like someone about to eat the finest meal ever. Oh, I’m eagerly awaiting the warmth and rubbing my hands together. I’m prepping my swim trunks and sunscreen all to go swimming. True, I do become…bronze…ier but it’s worth it to enjoy the weather and to enjoy the water. It really does mellow me out quite a bit and it’s a good way to lose calories, as well. So what’s not to love?! Unless it’s freezing, but after a bit the sting goes away…most of the time. I do find it harder to dive down when the water is colder than I normally do when it’s warm.

I can stay in the water for hours–and have. I’ve even swam when it’s raining. I don’t give a fuck. I think my favorite is night time swimming. I remember quite vividly the many times my dad turned on a flood light outside and me and my brother and some of our friends went swimming at night. It’s a bit more peaceful and less likely to cause skin cancer. It was also really fun when we were at our family reunion and went swimming at night in the hotel’s verra nice pool. Those are some really good memories that I wish I could get back again.

But yes, swimming season needs to begin and hopefully it begins next week some time because my knees can’t handle all of this walking. I’m stumbling and aching and creaking like an old man and my left knee’s been fucked for a few weeks. I like walking, but at a certain point my body truly is saying, “Fuck this,” in the only way it knows how.



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