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Remote Voyeurism

July 14, 2016

This is has been building for some time, but my brother rightly pointed out the flaws inherent with staying on facebook: decreased attention span and with it just being an awful site in general. So if you see any updates from my about my web log, I linked the account. I no longer give a shit to keep up with it. Between the next outrage that I should care about and the hate that resides on there…yeah, I think I’m about done. I want to regain my life and doing that necessitates giving up on bullshit fake ‘social’ interaction.

I’m reminded of the line from The Hudsucker Proxy where Amy Archer is trying to get Norval to stand up for himself and the hula hoop

“Finally there would be a thingamajig that would bring everyone together, even if it kept them apart spatially.

She described social media perfectly 23 years ago before social media was a thing. I just see it as a gateway to not having ‘real’ experiences with anyone, but just keeping voyeuristic tabs on them and their life. You’re that friend passing by their house and looking through their window without interacting with them. It took a long time for me to realize it, but I honestly have no reason to keep using it other than as a way of keeping tabs of erstwhile friends and people who still continue to associate with me.

So, if you want to hang out or anything then I’m game. If not…’eh…sorry? I tried. It’s not like I make my phone number or contact information a huge secret. And for those who have tried to hang out with me and I’ve bailed because of my anxiety, I’m sorry I did.

As for the political discussion bits….yeah, bit tired of those as well. I used to love arguing and debating politics. I could do it for hours on end–and have. However, these days it’s just not fun. Most people don’t want to listen to your points and instead insert what they think you said and respond to that and you can’t have a discussion with people that do that. Intractable positions are intractable. At least in the past when I had political debates you had colorful variations and people spouting different thoughts. Now it’s just regurgitated bullshit.

You can’t build bridges and you can’t facilitate understanding. In my opinion I see social media as making a person less empathetic. The internet disinhibition effect singles out anonymity, however, in my experience whether you’re anonymous online or not you can still  act like a shit head given that you can get away with it 99.9% of the time. I also just plain find it boring. The same arguments made a thousand times again that I’ve seen in one permutation or another in the past. I think the only difference now rather than then is that now I feel like I’m being lectured by a priest and not someone that holds their own views.

I also find that news ‘top stories’ to be a bunch of leading manipulative shit as well. No, I don’t think it’s biased in one form or another. I think it just promotes controversy to get clicks. Which is fine, but not something I really enjoy being a party to so I won’t. I’m steadily rebuilding my life. I have a girlfriend that I love, I have a social life that I enjoy immensely, and facebook is really an unnecessary impediment–to everyone, really.

But I’m not here to convince anyone to go the way I am. I just see it as a pointless venture these days and it adds no value to my life that I couldn’t get elsewhere. So, for you facebookers reading this, I’ll still be around on there, just not active on the main page. I have friends I can’t contact anywhere else so I’ll leave it open for them, but otherwise I’d deactivate this shit and never look back.

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