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The Rise of Trump

July 15, 2016

This post contains a lot of political talk and opinions and views that may be responsible for irritable bowels, night sweats, plane crashes, the dead rising from the grave, and Yanni winning a Grammy for hottest musical act. If this is not your thing and you hate dissenting opinions that do not follow your personal narrative then turn back now.






Everyone tries to blame the media for Donald Trump’s rise and while I agree that a lot of his rise is media created–he is a media guy, after all, I would like to posit that he has tapped into the current resentment among white people with the crop of social justice types turning being white into a pejorative for a number of people. I have no facts or figures to back this up and believe me, I’ve tried. Instead it’s article after article decrying the current state of race relations and the ‘rise of white supremacy’



and here

But what I think they fail to acknowledge is that the left-leaning in this country have turned being white into a negative thing or being male or being straight (which is weird). And it’s not like this is a majority opinion, however, it is a pretty loud voice and part of the current zeitgeist. Do you like the opposite sex? Are you male? Okay. Last ticker box…are you white? Oh, well, then your opinion counts as 3/5 of mine because I ticked 5 boxes in the Oppression Olympics and you have none. I truly do think that Trump is a reaction to this attitude where if you don’t meet a special sort of standard that you’re a bane to society that must be eradicated.

The sad part in all of this is that I’m very much left wing. I’m very much a liberal and progressive. However, I’m not one of those progressives that for whatever reason, feels one voice matters more than the others. I could give a shit if you meet some criteria for your voice to be heard. Do you make a compelling claim? Good. No, I don’t want to know about how you come from a broken home and that you had to work hard because you’re a minority. I don’t care. Can you make a compelling argument for your point without mentioning race, ethnicity, how disabled you are, what sex you are? Good. Then that’s all that needs to be said. Because, I’ll let you in on a secret: it just doesn’t matter to me.

If I can work with you, have reasonable discussions without histrionics involved then you could be a green alien from Mars for all I care. And I’m betting a lot of people feel the same way. They don’t care about your status or how oppressed you are; if you’re a good person that’s never done them harm then likely they’ll treat you alright. There’s not some grand conspiracy by white people to keep you down and keep you in your place. I don’t attend a country club where we divide up plots of land and decide policy. Yes, there are groups that do that, but I’m not and have never been a part of them and neither has anyone else I’ve known, either. “But they do consist of all white people!” Is the usual retort to that, but it has less to do with race and more to do with wealth.

You see, whites, blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, etc. are an oppressed group, they’re just not oppressed because of their race but their class. It’s a lot easier to push around a poor person you think will not fight back than it is to fight a person with power and influence. I’ve mentioned this before on a message board and was responded with, “Rich black people still get pulled over more than rich white people, ” yes, that’s true. However, I would contend that the reason for this is because black people are still seen as ‘poor’ by the police and the police love to bully groups they feel they have power over.

Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Study illustrates just that. The ‘guards’ and ‘inmates’ in this case were both groups of white people. What did the ‘guards’ do when they felt they had power? They abused that power and in extreme ways. This is the case with the police. To them they have power and poor people have no power and are therefore easier to bully and push around and get away with heinous shit. There’s also no accountability at all. But I’m not going to claim that the police are a racist institution because of that. No, they’re reacting the same way that bullies and authoritarians always act: pick on the little guy because it’s easier and they likely have done something because they’re poor. That’s what poor people do. That’s the systemic bias in this country at present. If you’re poor or less well off then you are automatically assumed to be a criminal.

If, however, more minorities were put in a higher class that they would be targeted less, but also would have less crime in their neighborhood as it’s easier to be violent when you’re poor–you’re poor, you have no stake in society and have nothing to lose anyway. And it’s not exactly like prison will give you less than you already have.


This isn’t to negate those times when actual racist incidents occur–which they do, this is to give context to shootings and brutalizations when they do happen, because I feel context is always missing whenever a cop is involved in a shooting. Saying that all police are racist or that the police force has ‘institutional racism’ does a disservice to the times when there is actual racism involved and when it does happen. Saying that ‘racism is pervasive in the US’ is a blanket statement that only normalizes the issue and makes cries of real racism seem trivial. It’s much like crying wolf. Sure, there may eventually be a wolf, but you’ve cried about a wolf for so long that nobody cares when you do. It’s like claiming every time a woman doesn’t receive a promotion over a man that it’s ‘misogyny’ and that misogyny is everywhere. I’d like to help you with your problem, but you’ve made it a part of every day life and you also do a disservice to everyone who’s been a victim of any sort of ‘-ism’ who has a legitimate grievance by just throwing out blanket statements that it’s everywhere.

So, no, this isn’t meant to negate those times when a cop does act racist and that I even have to defend the police force in this country shows how badly things have gotten. I don’t like the police. I find deferring to their authority or the military’s authority to be just short of being a brown shirt. But I think labeling them as a ‘racist institution’ harms the cops that try to do a good job and try not to fuck-up and they pay the price for it and feel attacked.

When you make statements like, “white people should just kill themselves,” and, “We want dead cops,” that’s on the public record it’s going to cause resentment and division. More people aren’t going to listen to your message no matter how well thought out it is just because your one statement is so toxic and vile. So, there’s no mystery to me why Trump came to be a thing and why his supporters are predominantly white: they’re tired of being the personal punching bag for everything that goes wrong in society.

And word to the wise: if the best shot against white people is ‘slavery’ and Jim Crow…yeah…you’re really not living in 2016 when those things are long gone and the people that formed them are dead. I’m not saying there aren’t people that wish to go back to that time, but they weren’t the progenitors of those institutions and they’re far from a majority. Most white people just want to go about their day. And saying that those things still matter when talking to the current generation of white people…yeah…no. Most of them never lived under those systems and those that did are pretty old or never believed in them anyway. This isn’t meant to erase or negate their awfulness. They’re black marks against this country and a shame, but someone my age or younger had nothing to do with their implementation, don’t wish them to return, and most white people I know have a disdain for police policy as well. It’s just that the current rhetoric against police drifts over into blaming white people for everything wrong under the sun.

I’m not saying to kiss the feet of white people with this post, but making us out to be your enemy is a surefire way to turn a white person into a Trump supporter. Me, I supported Bernie or Elizabeth Warren. They typically don’t use identity politics to sell their policy ideas like Hillary Clinton currently does. But I can see the appeal of Trump. He can be entertaining to watch and he doesn’t give a shit. He also seems like a person that would stand up for downtrodden white people. Sheesh…can’t believe I just wrote that, but yeah.

Sticking to identity politics as the left currently does is just going to make people like Trump more popular to people of my race and it probably won’t be him that gets elected this election, but continuing on the racially divisive path will just make the next one better able to cloak his rhetoric in language that people will listen to and will probably be worse than what we’re dealing with. This is a warning to my liberal brethren: stop being divisive on the subject of race and gender and work toward unifying everyone as is the goal. Not continuing on this destructive path that progressivism is on right now. Because I truly believe there is something worse waiting in the wings that is just waiting for us to divide ourselves along fault lines long enough to keep people from uniting against it.

Oh, and my friend correctly pointed out that BLM is doing the police officers’ jobs for them by focusing on one type of abuse instead of the systemic abuse that affects everyone regardless of what color their skin is. So there is that as well. Anyway, I’m sure this post will get some flak and maybe some lost followers. But just remember: I’m disabled by cerebral palsy therefore my argument is through the lens of someone disabled and therefore I cannot be questioned because I’m oppressed by all of you ableists…

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