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Hello, We’re From Big Brother And We’re Here To Install Your Modem

June 15, 2017

One of the weirder aspects of the internet today is how willingly we give up our personal information just for access. I say ‘we’ because I’m guilty of this as well. It’s sort of disturbing how in five boxes you will tell someone these intimate details about yourself and your life. And why? To put yourself out there? Reconnect with old friends? Yikes. Humanity’s really set a low threshold for giving up info. Your cell phone can be accessed by anyone and they can listen and see what you’re doing. We don’t even trust the government to handle the sort of info we give private companies and yet we all blithely do it every day.

When Orwell was writing 1984 I think he missed the boat on what to warn us against and it’s not a heavy-handed government that tries to rule our lives. I think he should have written about our indifference to being spied on and how, as long as it’s new and sounds beneficial, we’ll gladly give up our privacy. Big Brother would’ve had an orgasm that stretched to the moon if they were real and could see us today. We have targeted adverts to entice us into buying shit we don’t need and websites that treat our private life as a product. And up on Capitol Hill, a government that gets bribed into allowing them to use our browser history as a monetary asset.

I’m saying you’re being fucked here. I’m being fucked. You’re being fucked. We’re all being fucked. And not in some pleasant way but in a way that treats you as just a number on a spreadsheet. You’re barely a blip on their bottom line. As long as you’re now a product then great! And don’t forget to buy your new 70-inch ultra 5K tv that has a camera built in for added feedback.

Sorry this is kind of a depressing topic, but boy…do I feel a lot better.

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