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Kiss of The Loser (Fiction)

This story was originally double-spaced when I wrote it.


I like the stars…it’s the illusion of permanence.
I can pretend that things last…that lives last longer than moments.
– Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: Brief Lives

Kiss of the Loser


Frantz 1

She wore a white see-through dress with a bikini top and bottom underneath, which suited her hour-glass figure perfectly. Her skin was smooth—denoting that of a woman who spent hours to get it that way; her brown hair was a tangled mess atop her head, on most women this would look atrocious or unseemly, but she wore it quite well. Sauntering up to him in a slow seductive manner, one that would cause most men to lose their nerve and shy away, he noticed that she was of perfect stature giving him security in his less than hoped for bearing.

The woman’s soft lips parted, “Hi, I’m Aria, and you are?” she said in a low, soft voice.

A knot formed in his throat, threatening to choke him where he stood. Stammering he replied, “Vick—uh…Nordstrom.”

The woman giggled at the man’s nervous reply, she extended her hand and nodded curtly “Well, Vick-uh Nordstrom, would you like to dance?” She asked.

They walked side-by-side Vick in his jet black tuxedo. Aria began the slow motions of her body as she clasped both of Vick’s hands within hers. The music had a slow melodic rhythm. As their slow dance continued their bodies became one, her left foot and his left foot pressing down as the right foot followed, and so the dance continued. Some time later Vick and Aria wound up on a marble floored

Frantz 2

balcony overlooking the wilderness. Aria pushed Vick against the railing of the balcony, lightly nipping at his neck.

Vick shivered in delight, “Ooohh…I’ve never felt like this before.” he said in a relaxed voice.

She smiled up at him, replying, “And you never will again.”

A confused look came across Vick’s face as he tried to understand the meaning of her words, “What?” her voice became booming with masculinity, “Wake up.” repeating only with a stern edge to it, “WAKE UP!”

Awakening to the sight of his boss, Vick covered his face in disgust; instead of Aria Giovanni was now this fat greasy blob of a man, Peter Dregman, a middle-aged man whose gut stretched his work pants to their breaking point. Dregman’s yellow polyester shirt was rumored to be covering up a mustard stain or two, this giving everyone around the office a good chuckle at their boss’ expense. Topping off the ugly montage, Dregman wore a comb-over of what little hair he had left. Everyone considered him to be a joke.

Finally Vick spoke. “S-sorry, sir, I guess I nodded off.”

This drew a wolfish grin from his boss, “Nodded off? Boy, you were sleeping like a baby, and you looked pretty happy. Were you dreaming about that bimbo again?” he asked.

Frantz 3

Vick had to control himself; despite never having met, Aria, he did have ‘feelings’ for her. This name-calling was supposed to invoke an angry response from Vick, gritting his teeth, “No, I was dreaming about your wife.” he muttered, drawing a glaring look from Dregman. Vick could only hear a deep sigh as Dregman turned to leave. A coy smile spread across Vick’s face after his boss had left deriving pleasure from what he’d done.

The walk home for Vick was dreadfully boring. It had started to rain and all he chose to wear that day was a dark-navy-blue polo shirt and a pair of khakis. His apartment was a cramped little space, a futon served as both his couch and bed. The kitchen was so small that cooking was nearly impossible without a microwave.

Ugh…this is the pits, he thought to himself.

Vick shuffled his way toward his bathroom which was just as small and cramped but did contain a full-body mirror hung on the door. Still Vick wasn’t overly concerned about his appearance. He did, however, look at himself occasionally. Vick noticed that his build was quite average, scrawny by some standards, with deep blue eyes hiding behind shaggy brown hair. It was a sight he’d seen a thousand times before, but at twenty he looked and felt older than he actually was. Too many late nights of porn sprang to mind, though that was hardly the main reason. Whatever was missing from his life, he’d figure it out sooner or later.

Frantz 4

“Excuse me, sir, would you like to buy a subscription to Falcon?” asked a soft voice. The man, a rather rugged and old one at that, spat his reply with a snort, “No, missy, but if you’d pucker up and lay one on granddad, I’d be happy to pay whatever you want.” She shot him an incredulous look and slapped his pale cheek leaving a red mark where her hand had been.

The woman continued walking down the street, offering the paper to many, but no buyers. She became disheartened and began holding back the tears that she knew would be coming. Her pace quickened to a jog. Looking at the ground as she ran, she never saw it coming: slam, bouncing off of the chest of an unsuspecting bystander, spilling her subscription forms onto the sidewalk. Looking up, her brown eyes met his deep blue eyes.

“I am so sorry!” she said with fear in her voice.

The man’s face curved into a polite smile, “Don’t worry about it; I should’ve probably watched where I was going. My name’s, Vick, and you are?” he reached out, grasping her slender, soft hand. A smile spread across her face as she held onto his hand and eased her way up.

“My name’s Lacey, sorry for bumping into you.”

Vick began sizing her up, brown eyes, pale skin, nice scent, and a welcoming smile.

Frantz 5

They strode side-by-side down the sidewalk, looking at each other in intervals. Finally Lacey spoke up, “So, what is it that you do, Vick?” She watched his mannerisms, saw that he was hesitant to speak about work.

Finally he replied, “I’m an animator for this low-budget film studio.”

She smiled at that. Her eyes began to go over his body in light subtle ways. She saw that he wore blue jeans and an ash grey t-shirt that conformed to his body but flailed at the bottom edges. His face was sculpted with indentations where his cheeks were, but this gave him a handsome quality that blended well with his other features. He wasn’t all that attractive at first but as they walked, and she looked at him, she began to see that his attractiveness was not on the physical realm, but the mental and emotional.

Vick’s nerves were on end, an attractive woman—no, an attractive stranger was actually talking to him for more than a second. This helped to boost his morale considering that most females never talked, much less walked with him. He took subtle glances at her figure. He noticed that her body was a little chubby, but in the way that made her seem more desirable. Lacey’s skin was a creamy pale that looked velvety; her face was round with little freckles here and there. Lastly, Vick noticed that her shimmering hair sloped down over her shoulders, finishing off her appearance. Another feature he noticed was her attire, because it was rather plain with an eccentricity that

Frantz 6

made it stand out; she wore a lavender over-shirt with a black elastic shirt underneath that hugged her torso. She was also wearing blue jeans that were rather faded, and this led to her footwear that was rather unusual because they were purple Doc Martins.

This girl is amazing he mused, but the excitement was just building.

Lacey spun on her right heel and followed it up with her left heel, “Do you wanna go to the park tonight?” she asked. Her heart was thumping as she asked Vick this; it wasn’t often that she dated, or even gave a guy a shot, but she had a feeling about him.

“Sure thing.” he replied. Almost immediately her face lightened up and a little shine came to her eyes. She started walking again with a new spring to her step. Finally they departed until later on in the night.

The park was the least of Vick’s favorite places to visit, especially in the evening. But, he did want to meet this girl again—since earlier in the day when they spoke, Vick had her scent on his clothing which was revving up his heart as well as making his face flush. He decided to wear the same clothing he had worn in the day time. His lips puckered as he began whistling the Jeopardy theme. (It was a great way to waste time until Lacey showed up.) A rustle from behind him alerted him to someone’s presence, causing his heart to beat faster out of fear as adrenaline began pumping into his body.

She appeared, slowly walking toward him with the grace of a ballerina, and she smiled, “Miss me?”

Frantz 7

His reply was just as short. “Of course,” he said, with a smile creeping across his face. “Why did we come here?” he queried, but he didn’t mind this secluded area.

An endearing trademark that he began to notice was her warm smiles, “To watch the stars, silly.”

A puzzled look wandered onto his face, “The stars?” he asked as he looked up into the pink hue of a sky that was polluted with the light of a bustling city—a city that never really slept, but had occupants that occasionally saw some sleep.

Lacey, wearing the same attire from earlier, stepped closer to Vick. She had to tilt her head back to an almost ninety degree angle to speak to him up close. “Yes, the stars. We don’t actually have to see them to see them,” she said in a light tone.


His reply was cut off as she kissed him deeply and with enough passion to fulfill two lifetimes. Her hand came up to run across Vick’s chest as they kissed. Lacey noticed a slight resistance, but pressed her right hand onto the back of his head to hold him there.

The kiss felt like it would last an eternity for Vick. This was his first real kiss, and he enjoyed the sensations that her soft lips pressed to his gave him. Electricity coursed through his body as they held the kiss. Vick’s left hand came around to hold her body close to his as his hand similarly ran up and down her back. A sea of pleasure

Frantz 8

wafted over his body that filled him with enough heat to caused it to radiate all over between them.

His thoughts drifted to Aria, but instead of the warmth he’d become accustomed to within his dream—he saw her body that was completely made of stone. Vick reached out and enfolded her lifeless and inanimate body in his arms. This caused her form to crumble bit by bit at first, but soon the stone shattered completely. Instead of the hollowness of no body being there, Aria’s body was replaced with Lacey, and the thought struck him like lightning

Lacey was his future.

This was his first kiss, but it promised to be one of many.

Suddenly the thought melted away in a liquidly mass, and Vick was transported back to the kiss. They stood there for a moment, looking up into the sky and seeing the pinkish hue that was light pollution again. There was no need to see the actual stars this night, however, because all of the stars that they saw were the ones that weren’t dead, but vibrant in their intensity and alive.

In that one moment Vick’s life as a loser was finally over, he realized that the ‘stars’ she wanted to see were not in the sky, but in their hearts.

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