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Promise To Readers

I realize with web logs/blogs/blaghs that there’s a certain temptation to garner readership by using controversial topics to inflame people and get them to comment. I promise you, the people that actually put an effort to read this blagh, that I will not be doing that. I plan to stay away from politics altogether and only briefly touch on religion and my own Atheism. I’m sure there are other web logs for that kind of stuff, but that will not be happening here. I’m still deciding what kind of place I want this to be and up until now I never really had to consider that. However, I think I will be sticking to my usual thoughtful/insight entries.

I decided to use this as a place to work out thoughts that were bothering me in my head and causing me anxiety as well as deal with shame and my own lack of vulnerability. If you want to know what I’m talking about then these two talks are really what lit a spark in my mind:

The Power of Vulnerability

Listening To Shame

Listening to Brené Brown’s talks and learning about her work has really given me the strength to fight against my own feelings of inadequacy and how they seem to be fairly universal concepts.

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